Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Another New Year

I can't believe it's another new year. Already. Where does the time go? Seriously!

I don't really make new year's resolutions, but one thing that I'm sure of is that I'm really going to try and get back to my blogging. I've neglected this blog for long enough - two years! I've tried to get back to it with many failed attempts. This time, I'm setting a schedule. And I will try my very hardest to stick to it!

With 2017 already gone, I want this new year to be the year that I come back.

Every end is a chance for a new beginning.
Every day is a chance for a fresh start.

So, hello 2018...I'm ready to work!

I had been working on a blog redesign, so I'm going to continue that. I had been working on something new for the shop too, so I'm going to continue that. I'm giving myself a timeline this go around. I want the blog re-launch to be by the end of June 2018. And I'm blogging about it today to keep myself in check!

Short list of what else I'd like to do:

* Get back to sharing a weekly Words for my Wednesday blog post
* Participate in more photo challenges on Instagram (helping me with photography)
* Start doing a giveaway once every three months, (to slowly get back in the habit)
* Share a quote of the day on Instagram or twitter

What are some of your 2018 goals?
Tell me with a blog comment!

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Tanya Soyer said...

Good luck! I have the same problem with writing to the blog, but my NY resolution is to continue blogging and keep the track. :)

Miss Val's Creations said...

Happy New Year Kim! Welcome back to the blogging world. I don't blog as often as I used to either. With so many other social media sites it makes it difficult to keep up. I still love having a blog as that online journal. It does help for holding yourself accountable in reaching those goals too. :)

Hena Tayeb said...

Happy New Year!
Once you fall out of the blogging habit it is so hard to get back to it..
good luck.. looking forward to see you around the blogsphere more.

Sandy said...

All the more power to you! I find Instagram and Facebook easier because I don't feel a need to spend a lot of time trying to find something to write about. Happy New Year!

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