Medical malpractice is a huge problem in the world medical arena and it is not something which is going to vanish anytime soon. Malpractice cases are usually initiated by the victims of ill-treatment from a medical professional or an institute. Let’s check out 5 of the most famous medical malpractice cases:

#1 Dennis Quaid’s Twins

Dennis and Kimberly Quaid became the proud parents to twins Zoe and Thomas in November of 2007. Two weeks into their life out of the womb, both children acquired staphylococcus infections. While the hospital pursued proper treatment, the malpractice began when the children were twice given the appropriate dosage of Heparin for an adult, 1,000 times the recommended dosage.

When the Quaids called to check in, the staff said the kids were fine despite the truth that their children were being treated for a blood-thinner overdose. When the parents arrived the next morning, they were met by the hospital’s risk management department to explain the truth. In the end, the children recovered after 11 days of treatment.

#2 Julie Andrews’ Throat work

Julie Andrews has one of the most beloved voices around, yet 1997 saw her develop nodules along her vocal chords. While Andrews was recommended to pursue surgery, followed by six weeks’ rest, the operation failed. Andrews suffered vocal damage sufficient to kill her singing career.

#3 Rhode Island Hospital Brain Surgery

2007 saw Rhode Island Hospital’s surgical team thrice perform the right procedure on the wrong side of the brain. While they were twice able to correct the erroneous work and properly perform the intended operation. Sadly, the third patient died three weeks after the botched procedure.

#4 Sherman Sizemore’s Insufficient Anesthetic

Sherman Sizemore required two forms of anesthetic for surgery in 2006:

  1. A paralytic to prevent unnecessary movement, including speech.
  2. An inhaled anesthetic to knock him unconscious and shut off the pain.

16 minutes of surgery passed before the team discovered that Sizemore was conscious. The failed anesthetic, plus a drug used to administer amnesia, left Sizemore conscious of every second without any way to express his agony for nearly half an hour.

Sizemore was never informed of the anesthetic failure. Despite repeatedly failing to construct a timeline of events, he knew something was wrong. As he had no previous history of mental problems, Sizemore was panic-stricken, began to believe that someone had attempted to bury him alive and was plagued with nightmares and insomnia.

Sizemore’s agony ended by taking his life a few weeks after the surgery. Sizemore’s family did not even consider a link between the operation and his recent mental issues until a doctor suggested it while expressing his sympathies and condolences. This inspired them to investigate Sizemore’s medical history.

#5 Jesica Santilian’s Dual Transplant

In 2003, Jesica Santilian traveled into the U.S. in order to receive a heart and lung transplant. While Jesica was overjoyed to finally have a lucky break, she succumbed to severe brain damage that caused her body to start shutting down. Soon after, the medical staff realized they had misread the donor’s blood type.

While the physician tried to find suitable organs and even performed a second operation, Jesica did not survive. While the doctor took responsibility, the hospital instituted a policy of double-checking transplants to avoid repeating this scenario.