As a real estate agent, you are dependent on always being able to find new buyers and sellers. After all, the average person buying their first home stays in the house for 11.4 years and the person buying their second stays an average of 14.8 years. Therefore, you must develop a real estate content marketing scheme that is always attracting new buyers and sellers.

1. Produce a White Paper

White papers can be a great way to generate more leads. Assuming that you produce content that buyers and sellers want to learn in your market, then they will trade their email address for the chance to read what you have to say. Make sure to keep the content highly informative. Encourage downloading by asking for the fewest amount of details necessary. Promote your white paper through emails, on your social media, and on your website.

2. Host a Webinar

Another useful technique to capture leads is to host a webinar. These can be a great way to educate buyers and sellers on your way of thinking. Like white papers, it is essential that you promote it across many different marketing channels. You also need to make sure that your presentation is professional and well done.

3. Participate in Trade Shows


Participating in trade shows is an outstanding way to make sure that you connect with your targeted audience. While you may want to have a booth at any local home shows, do not overlook the opportunity to participate in local community events or niche marketing events.

4. Contests


Contests are a great way to generate leads. You can hosts many different types of contests. Try tying your contest to something that your targeted audience would like to win. For example, you might give away tickets to an upcoming home show. Alternatively, consider tying your contest to an upcoming holiday.

5. Give Away a Service


Potential buyers and sellers love when they think they are getting something for free. Even if it is a service that you normally offer every potential client, consider offering advertising it as a free service entices your target audience to give you their contact information. For example, you might offer buyers a free home appraisal with quick tips for helping their home potentially sell quicker. Alternatively, you might offer a proofreading service for their loan paperwork.

6. Blog


Use your blog as a great way to communicate with your targeted audience. At the end of the blog, ask them a thought-provoking question and ask them to email you with their response. This allows you to capture their email and reading their responses may provide you with great ideas for future blogs or social media posts.

When you use these ideas, you are sure to get plenty of leads pouring in. Make sure to use a real estate CRM and marketing solution to keep track of all these leads. The best ones will allow you to automate many tasks and are useful when you are in the field. That way, you can stay organized throughout the day whether you ever make it to your office or not.