Packing luggage for the frequent traveler is often a breeze. They’ve learned secrets and know the shortcuts. If you’re not a frequent traveler (or if you are but don’t know all the secrets), here are some tips on making your packing more efficient and maybe more fun.

1. Make a List of What to Pack

One of the most important steps in packing is to take a few minutes to sit and consider everything you need for this trip.

From the clothes, you’ll wear on the plane to your destination and the clothes you’ll wear back, plus everything in between, you need a list.

You don’t want to pack more than you need, but you don’t want to come up short while you’re far away from home. Consider everything from clothes to phone chargers. If you are moving to your new home, get in contact with movers Calgary and they’ll help you with your packing. Do you need to print directions or itinerary? Write it down and keep your list handy.

2. Roll Your Clothes

Roll Your Clothes

An old trick, but a very useful trick, is to roll your clothes. Pants, jeans, shirts, and night clothes will pack easier (and sometimes wrinkle less) when you roll them up and pack them tight together.

Creating rows of rolled clothes will make you feel you’ve got all the room in the world. Another tip is to keep heavier items toward the bottom of a stand-up bag so you’re less likely to keep picking up your suitcase.

3. Purchase Travel Size Containers

Purchase Travel Size Containers

Almost any grocery or department store has a travel size section. Be aware that FAA regulations don’t allow more than 3.4 ounce bottles of liquids in carry-on bags.

Use hotel shampoo and conditioner or put your favorite shampoo into a travel size container. Items like toothpaste or deodorant can often be purchased easily once you arrive.

Know what you can and can’t pack before you make your list. TSA will take your prohibited items and you won’t get them back.

4. Pack Liquids In Baggies

Pack Liquids In Baggies

Whether you are packing liquids in checked bags or carry-on, put the liquids into baggies.

Security can be harsh and you don’t want your shampoo flowing over your clothes for three hours of flight. In many airports, it’s required your liquids and medications be placed in baggies.

5. Pack Valuables and Breakables into Socks

Pack Valuables and Breakables into Socks

Putting valuable and fragile items inside your socks adds a layer of protection.

Roll those socks up and slide them into the foot of your shoes or slippers. It saves room, keeps your valuables more protected, and keeps your shoes from getting smashed up in flight.

Anything loose taking up space can be stuffed into your shoes as well.

6. Pack Only What You Need

Pack Only What You Need

Once you’ve made your list, start putting your clothes out early.

If everything on your list is near your luggage, don’t reach into the closet or drawers again. If your list is complete, these are all the garments you’ll need. Pack empty trash bags or use hotel laundry bags to stuff dirty clothes into.