Camping is an ideal, adventurous escape from civilization, a pleasure under open, clear sky in pure nature. However, if you do not prepare well, you can easily experience a real disappointment instead of having the most beautiful vacation. If you are an adventurer, if you are young, if you have a good company, if comfort is not a priority, then you are the right candidate for camping. However, if you decide to get to know the natural beauty of a country, try to avoid the classic mistakes that beginners are obliged to make. With this article, we will try to bring you some of the best camping tips for beginners, and some pieces of advice on how to protect yourself, as calling a locksmith or setting up an alarm system cannot be options when you live under the clear sky. So, let us start!

  1. Set up a tent at home in the yard

If this is a first time you set up a tent, you should definitely do it at home, just to check how it function. After you set it up, pour the water above, to make sure it does not leak. Wait until it dries, pack all parts and arrange it according to the instructions.

tents on flat ground


  1. Pack smart

When it comes to clothes, always take a little more than you think you will need, especially if you are traveling by car. Regardless of the seasons, pack a sweater and a jacket and a few pairs of socks. In the forest, under the mountain or near the river, it’s usually much colder. Find places for raincoat and rubber boots.

person beside gray tent


  1. Get to the location during the day

Try to arrive at the location, which you booked before, during the day. The basic advice for camping is to set up your tent before dark. Be sure to tell someone from your family or friends where you are going and when you are planning to return.

person holding black and red LED camping lamp


  1. Think of food

In addition to a gas cooker, bring light cookware, that may easily be put on the fire. Plastic cutlery is often useless, so rather choose metal, which comes in several sizes and packs. Along with the unavoidable opener for cans or a cigarette lighter, take plastic waste bags, which can be used, if necessary, to pack wet clothes.

person holding white cup outdoors


  1. Sleeping bags matter

Choose a sleeping bag according to the season. A light sleeping bag will be quite useful in warmer months, but in the winter, you will have to take those that are more suitable for lower temperatures.

gray tent on top of mountain


  1. Take care of the hygiene

The hygiene of your hands is the most important things to take care of. Disinfection gels are quite important, and you should stay away from perfumes and scented lotions, as they attract insects.

person walking near tent on green field


  1. Lights

Your choice may be a lamp on batteries, oil or propane-butane. Experienced campers say that the propane-butane lamps are best, because they give the biggest amount of light.

selective focus photography of man holding lit matchstick outdoors


  1. First aid kit

First-aid kit, even the smallest, is a must-have for camping, if you want to be safe while you are surrounded by nature.

woman reading book in tent