Compare costs with others

Moving home is one of the most important phases in a person’s life. By this, we mean financially and by also starting a new chapter in your life. When planned well in advance, moving could be done within a budget and need not burn your pockets.

It can be a pricey expedition you can embark on the journey as a lot of costs come into. Packers and movers, additions to your new home like furniture and fittings are some of the things which can be economical if you do your research well. Just make sure you have convinced your friends into some beer and pizza to help you out! We present some tips to help you in saving money while moving.

1. Set aside a budget for moving

Set aside a budget for moving

This is the first and foremost as you begin the process of moving. People who do not prepare well for their moving are often left shocked when the final costs are calculated. Setting aside a budget will be a safe bet as you will know how much can be spent on everything and prioritize accordingly.

2. Compare costs with others

Compare costs with others

There would be common friends of yours who have gone through the task of moving. Get in touch with them and understand how they planned it out. Getting some examples would be quite helpful and know what you need and don’t. This is the next step to be considered right after you calculate costs and probably add changes as you understand better from friends.

3. Slate the move for a weekday


We understand that this suggestion would not be easy for working professionals. There could be a lot of casual and privilege leaves mounting up from work and this is your chance to use it. This step could bring down the packers and movers cost a lot. You would know this when you get their quotes for weekends and weekdays. There is sure to be a difference in costs. Also, the preparations for the move can be done over the weekend and keep it ready.

4. Get in touch with local shops for boxes

There will be a separate cost charged by the packers company for boxes. The cost could go up as your requirement of boxes goes up too. Want to know the best thing to do? There are a lot of local grocery shops and marts near your home that you frequent. A lot of movers Matco movers suggest that you could talk to the managers or owners and see if they can spare you with empty cartons and boxes. This will be a huge cash saver for moving.

5. Go to the cheaper yard sale or dollar stores

If you have always been on keen on branded and pricey items, this could be disappointing for you. Remember that you are cash strapped and could save a lot of you shop a little from yard sales or nearby dollar stores. This is just for the time being as you would have an immediate requirement of items at your new home. This could help in the minimum items you need. Not to worry as you can easily replace them with better items as you save up from the next salary.

These are just some of our suggestions for you to save up while you move to that dream home of yours. It’s an important phase of your life and if you plan well, everything will place into place as you pictured it.