Some things in your house may be solved easier than some other and that’s the fact. For example, when you have issues with a clogged toilet, you know you should immediately call a plumber. On the other side, your problems with electricity may easily be solved by calling an electrician. However, you can never have only one solution when it comes to protecting your house from unwanted guests, being the reason why we bring you the list of things you can do to secure your home against intruders. This list may show you and teach you some cheap ways, once again proving that, even though your safety and the safety of your family does not have a price, it does not need to be expensive and unaffordable. What you should know about the protection of your house, is that you really need to be smart. If you protect your house or apartment the way it can be really visible, you always risk making it a great target, as the intruders may think you keep something really valuable inside of it. So, read until the end and learn how to secure your home against intruders, and how to do it smart!

  1. Get a dog

There are many benefits of having a dog, and probably one of the best is that, besides being a friend, your dog is also your greatest protector when it comes to intruders. This goes both for houses and apartments, as dogs may be the protection inside or outside in your garden.

white concrete house near green tree during daytime


  1. Install a home security system

We know this one is the most obvious advice, but we really need to emphasize the importance of having a home security system, if you keep your valuables inside. Of course, don’t make it that much obvious, as that may make your home a very interesting target.

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  1. Reinforce windows

Your ground floor windows and windows in general are the most attractive spot for getting into your house. If your windows are made of traditional glass, you should be aware of the fact how fragile it is, so that it can be broken with a single impact. If you upgrade your windows with laminated glass, also known as safety glass, you will do a lot for your protection.

white and grey concrete building near swimming pool under clear sky during daytime


  1. Get motion-activated lighting

This one sounds really fancy, but it is one of the best ways to protect your home from intruders, especially at night. Entrances and dark corners around your home are locations to add motion-activated lights, and as these lights switch on once motion is detected, they will definitely protect you from potential intruders.

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  1. Light up the landscape

If you have a big garden and lots of space around your house, you should definitely pay attention to lighting up your landscape. This is crucial, considering the simple fact that your house is an easy target if it is surrounded by dark.

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  1. Eliminate hiding places

If you have lots of shrubs and bushes around your house, you should know they may provide burglars with a great place to hide. Trim down trees and plants close to your home that could be used for cover and opt for smaller flowers instead.

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