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How To Be Outspoken Without Being Rude?

Speaking your mind and being honest reflect admirable traits. Blunt people do get their message across and leave little room for ambiguity. An outspoken person may stand out from meeker persons. Leaders of all stripes have a tendency to be outspoken and bold. Beware, though. A very fine line exists between being outspoken and coming off as outright rude. Once you veer into the territory of rudeness, an outspoken nature becomes a vice. Consider it important to understand how to be outspoken while not off-putting. Don’t Harshly Criticize Sometimes, the art of being outspoken involves getting across criticisms about the status quo. A person always in agreement with others isn’t exactly presenting an outspoken nature. Constructive and targeted criticism — criticism with the intention of pushing for needed improvements — leads people to see things an outspoken person’s way. Harsh, purposeless criticism rooted in pure complaining turns people off. In…

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