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7 Places in India That Every Tourist Must Visit

Travels may have both educational and “enlightening” aspects, while visiting India actually means that you will get the chance to learn of various historical facts in combination with cultural, spiritual, and artistic experiences. With over one billion inhabitants, this country represents an interesting mix of Indian and Muslim culture, multicultural history and beautiful natural wonders. From the snowy summits of Kashmir to the peaceful beaches of Goa, India offers incredible exotic and fascinating scenes. Before you start planning a trip to India, there are a few things to keep in mind, i.e. places you definitely need to visit once you go there. India has three seasons: winter, rain / monsoon season, and summer. The cold season lasts from November to February and it’s the best time to travel to India. Monsoon season and “summer” are characterized by high humidity and rainfall, but the road is far cheaper at this time….

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