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Sexual Harassment in The Workplace: 6 Things You Need To Know

As more people courageously band together to fight against toxic, threatening, and career-hampering behaviors at their workplaces, many question whether or not they’ve experienced it, too. Sexual harassment is loosely defined as behavior that’s designed to intimidate, coerce, and create an atmosphere of discomfort and hostility, based around sexually-charged activity. If you’ve experienced any of the following, then there’s a chance that you’ve either experienced or witnessed sexual harassment in your workplace: 1. You’ve felt that your career depends on compliance One of the most classic and obvious forms of sexual harassment is when a person has either explicitly or implicitly been told that they’ll need to perform sexual acts in order to advance their careers. This can include going out on dates with your superior and allowing physical contact. However, this can also include being available to the superior for inappropriate emotional connections. They can also use their authority…

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