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Things to Do in Boston With Kids

Boston is one of America’s most populous cities. It comes with loads to do for the whole family – both adults and children of all ages. Whether your kids are old enough to enjoy historical sites such as the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, or are just looking for plenty of space to run around, you won’t run out of things to do in Boston. Here’s a collection of some of the things to do in Boston with kids. 1. Take a Ride on the Swan Boats No child will resist the prospect of sitting in a swan. Created in the year 1877 by designer Robert Paget, the swan boats glide over the Lagoon in the Public Garden starting mid-April to mid-September. It is a popular summer activity in Boston for both locals and tourists. The ride last about 15 minutes and you’ll get to cruise around the tiny…

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6 Tips for Traveling with Children

If you are young parents, or if you simply never traveled with your children, you probably don’t know how exhausting those trips may be. No matter whether you travel by a car, plane, or a bus, having your children around is always a demanding, but a lovely and joyful experience, that you should never give up on. However, you should know that there are ways to make those trips easier and a lot funnier, being the reason why we wrote these tips for travelling with children. They will help you manage your time better, be a little bit more patient, and finally, understand that your child’s needs and interests are simply not the same as your own, and that is completely fine. When you travel with your children, you give them something to remember their whole life, and usually, those pictures are the ones you hang out on the walls…

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