New apps seem to be coming out on a daily basis. That’s definitely a good thing. Unique apps that help make people’s lives a little easier definitely are welcomed. Certain apps are so welcomed that an incredible number of people use them regularly. In terms of popularity, 10 apps really do stand out with mobile users. Check them out:

1. Google Maps

Google Maps remains the “go to app” for people who need to go somewhere.

The smooth, easy-to-use GPS system on your smartphone allows you to access easy directions to a location with no hassles.

A cool search feature even allows users to find nearby businesses, landmarks, and more.

Works fine in or out of a car, too.

2. Facebook


Any surprise that the world’s most popular social network lands on a top ten list of the most used apps of 2018?

Likely, Facebook will remain on top ten lists for years to come since so many hundreds of millions of people check their Facebook every day.

3. Instagram


Here’s another app that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Creating cool videos on Instagram does more than help people pass time.

Some use Instagram to achieve celebrity status.

Those with millions of follower definitely became celebrities.

4. iQiyi

The world is a big place. Certain apps garner huge followings outside of the United States and Europe.

iQiyi represents the incredible popularity of a video streaming app from China. In the coming years, iQiyi could expand globally and become the next big thing in the app world.

5. WhatsApp

Upwards of 5 billion people downloaded WhatsApp.

Good reason exists why they did so.

Chatting and video calling internationally won’t break the bank when a free app facilitates all the communications.

Owned by Facebook, WhatsApp’s biggest following is in Europe.

6. Bitmoji

The one thing better than a popular emoji is a custom one.

With Bitmoji, users can create a “personal emoji” How does this work?

Users to create a unique emoji based on their own image.

Bitmoji is compatible with other apps including Chrome and iMessage.

7. Snapchat

Social networking appeals to millions.

Messaging apps appeal to just as many people.

How could an app that combined social media with messaging not be a hit? Snapchat may soon rival a number of the big names in the app world for numbers of downloads.

8. Amazon Mobile

People like to buy things online. Sometimes, they have to order something online.

No matter why you’re shopping, Amazon’s often the place to go.

Amazon’s massive retail marketplace meets the demands of millions of customers.

9. YouTube

Now that the video-sharing site has expanded into professional streaming content, look for YouTube to draw in even more users.

The success of the original program Cobra Kai should help.

10. Uber

Apps that come up with a great business concept can become incredibly popular in a short period of time.

Uber’s financial situation may be a little rocky, but who can deny the ridesharing app isn’t loved by millions of people?

Uber drivers are everywhere. So’s the app.