Top 6 Ways to Get Rid of a Pot Belly Within 8 Weeks

Though we all live in different parts of the earth, the one trait that makes us similar to each other is our love for eating. We continue devouring our favorite foods and drinks, until the point, it starts taking a toll on our health in the form of body fat.

The problem gets more severe with the people who develop pot bellies. It not only compromises their physical beauty to some extent but also put their health in jeopardy. The following shared methods will not only reduce your pot belly in 8 weeks, but also enhance the functioning of the body to absorb biotics, vitamins, proteins, and other minerals present in it.

Aerobic Exercise


Exercising is the best way possible to keep yourself alive and kicking throughout your life. If you are a working person who stays busy of the times and is looking for less effort demanding physical activities to do away with your pot belly, then you should start with aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises include walking, jogging, yoga, stretching, swimming, playing games like basketball, etc. It will not only reduce your pot belly but also assist the body in absorbing biotics to utilize the nutrients from the consumed diets.

Work Out


If you have enough time in your hand to get back in shape, then you should start hitting the gym. Heavy workouts lead to sweating which ultimately triggers a reduction in body fat, and thus pot belly. However, with sweating, zinc present in the body also finds a way out. Hence, if you are working out heavily, you should consume zinc rich diet to maintain healthy levels of the same.

Avoid Overeating


There is no doubt to the fact that overeating leads to body fat, but it does not apply to people with strong metabolism. If you are determined to get rid of your pot belly, then avoid overeating from now on. Take your diets in small portions throughout the day. Also, avoid eating heavy foods such as meat before sleeping. Instead, try salad or soup.

Limit Sugar Consumption

ice cream

You will find that most of the dieticians and medical professionals advise consuming meals in limited portions only. Calories present in the sugar do not get consumed adequately unless you are indulging in heavy workouts. Extra calories that remain in the body lead to obesity, mainly pot belly. Beer also contains sugar, but it leads to gain in overall weight of the body, not necessarily pot belly.

Control Your Cravings

You must have noticed that the people with pot bellies eat heavily. They eat both organic and meat. If you feel cravings for eating, you should switch to fruits, dry fruits, and salad. In addition to controlling and reducing the pot belly, it fosters health as well. You will difference in your health in a couple of weeks.

Change Your Cooking Oil

We all know that the oils we use for cooking contain a significant amount of fat which is not beneficial at all for obese people. The best alternative to such oils is olive oil. Although olive oil also possesses wait, it is way too healthy for the heart and other organs which is the best substitute to reduce your pot belly.

In addition to following the above methods, you should also drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated during workouts and day to day activities.