Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy is in relation this website only and is applicable to all users and visitors of the website By continuing to use this website, you implicitly comply with the Privacy Policy stated below and express your consent to the collection and use of data on the website as mentioned. The following Privacy Policy holds true for all past, present and future users of the website and will be in effect until any further change(s). understands the importance of privacy and respects the privacy and confidentiality of data collected from the visitors and readers. All information collected by any means from the readers and visitors of the website are kept safe and never shared with any third party or used for any other purpose other than the usage policy mentioned below.

Types of information collected from users

  • System information: System information includes all the technical data that are shared by the system that the user uses to access the website. It includes, but might not be limited to, browser information, OS information, ISP, IP address, and location information.
  • Personal details: This includes each and every data shared with the website for the purpose of accessing better and more personalized service. It can be entered via any number of forms on the website. The information includes name, gender, contact number, address, and any other personal or professional details shared by the user.
  • Other information: This includes other types of information that are accessed when the user grants permanent or temporary access to any social media account or public information shared while entering the email id, and all other information entered during the time of posting or commenting on the website.

Data usage policy

Any ad every information collected by any means from the user is used only to improve the user experience and to address any grievance(s) or solve any issue(s) raised by the user. The information is also used to provide a regular update on the website and the blogs. Information collected is meant for internal use only and is never shared with any third-party.

Third-Party link policy

The website may contain links to third-party websites. However, it is advised that the user will no longer be bound by the above Privacy Policy if he/she decides to navigate to any third-party website.