Top 7 Countries With The Most Car-Crash Deaths

When you travel abroad, the last thing you worry about is road safety. While many of us take precautions against theft or other crimes, we don’t often realize that in some nations we’re risking our lives just by crossing the street. The most recent data available from the World Health Organization shows that on average 18 people per 100,000 die in car crashes. In some countries, however, this number is more than twice this amount. Author Michael Sivak explains further, stating that in many parts of the world car-crash deaths “represent an unexpectedly large proportion of all fatalities.” Whether you’re planning your next trip abroad or just morbidly curious, keep reading to learn about some of the countries where it’s least safe to get on the road. 1. Libya With around 73+ road accident-related deaths per 100,000 citizens per year, Libya is the worst place to give a shot at…

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